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I work at 5p today. Good times. I finally have a day off on Sunday… again on… Wednesday I think?

Last day I had off was last Tuesday heh.

My birthday is in about two weeks, (October 17th!), it feels weird… this is the first birthday I have spent since I was 17 years old without Matt. I wonder if he will even send me a birthday card.

I get paid tomorrow and since it is Open Sophie’s Closet, I am going to get work pants that FIT, a new bra, new shirt, a skirt… yay for 55% off right! Considering I only own one pair of way too big work pants, umm 2 work shirts, I don’t even own a skirt… Yeah… oh and I need jeans since I only have one of those that don’t even fit anymore.

I feel like a horrid host. I haven’t talked to hardly any of my hostees lately and very few have talked to me. I need to email them all soon.

I am so out of it still… I haven’t been sleeping well at all.

Ok, time to get into the shower and get ready for work!

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posted on October 2nd 2003 at 3:31PM CDT

Awww, you’re not a horrible host!
Have fun shopping :P

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posted on October 2nd 2003 at 7:00PM CDT

I echo that, Amber! I thought of you yesterday, Sarah. I’m just so glad you’re having a good time. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. :)

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posted on October 3rd 2003 at 7:46AM CDT

Sarah, never a bad hostess just a busy lady and that’s a good thing! I don’t think it’s any different with any of us right now either!