September 2nd 2003 / 1 minute to read

Yesterday was a long day but I kicked ass at work! For those of you who have ever worked at Lane Bryant, you will understand lol. I got THREE CREDITS! I had gotten one on Sat, one on Sun, then THREE yesterday! Plus I rocked in sales. I over all rocked!

I have to work today lol at 4-close.

Please read this entry and help out as much as you can for this very worthy cause!

So tomorrow and Thursday I have off of work, so if anyone is expecting an email or anything from me, those are the days I will respond and do internet stuff lol.

Hmmm my brain just has not been working the last few days. I made a new skin for Pick-Me that I need to put up. It’s an autumn skin.

I seriously am out of it right now so I think I am going to eat something finally and eventually get ready to go to work. Oh yeah, I posted in my LiveJournal.

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Go Sarah!  You kick some Ass at that store… next thing you know you’ll be manager!

Thank you for the plug! The boys thank you for the plug! Hell we all thank you just for being you!

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Of course you rocked at work. That’s the wonderful Sarah dynamic I’ve been reading about. You can do anything, girl.


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