I added more to the restricted entry, again lol

I feel bad, I haven’t been a good online person lately. I am finally, although slowly, feeling better. I am still unsure of what was wrong exactly, but as long as I get better!!

Daniel finally likes to wear shoes! Sandals at the moment. One day he went from screaming and sobbing if you even faked putting a shoe on him, to the next day wanting them on and running around in them.

Shadow and I have a new project, I am having on heck of a time thinking of a simplistic yet cool design for it. I know we like yellows/oranges… but still… pondering lol

I need to vacumn today, do laundry, and if it stays nice outside, put Daniel in the stroller and take a walk… maybe get guacamole fixin’s.

Well bleh… that is it so far!!

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posted on July 18th 2003 at 4:46PM CST

There is nothing I like to hear more than a mother taking her child for a walk instead of putting him in front of the TV with some potato chips.

I must say, I’ve been reading for awhile and you sound like an awesome mother, and very determined because you are going against the flow.:)

posted on July 18th 2003 at 5:42PM CST

You know what? I would donate money to you but sad thing is I have no money and don’t know how to use paypal. Sorry but when I have money I’ll try to donate to you. If my parents let me.

posted on July 18th 2003 at 5:42PM CST

Sorry I haven’t been able to send my money yet. I have to save up my allowance so I can have enough to send. So far I have $20.00! When I get near $50.00 I’ll send you the money, I promise. I’m sorry its taking so long and I pray for you everyday that you and your son will make it through this.

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