May 11th 2003 / 4 minutes to read

First off, check out all of my fanlistings and join!

I finally coded two templates for Little-Hands, I will let y’all know when Leslie puts them up.

Happy Mother’s Day to:

Mary, Crystal, Leslie, Barb, Amie, Jenna, Michelle, Shannon, Keli, Tricia, Diana… I hope I have not forgotten anyone!

I want to thank MJ for the kick ass Mother’s Day card I recieved in the mail yesterday! I felt SO happy and special getting that card! Thank you!

My sister says she will take me to this garden store so I can pick out some flowers and herbs to grow. Very awesome gift for someone like me! Oh, speaking of my sister, does anyone have any experiance with tongue peircings? She is pondering getting one, so if anyone can fully detail the peirced tongue experiance, let me know!

Daniel is a walking fiend! Even tries to run which is oh so very cute. He is more a little boy than a baby now, freaks me out sometimes. Oh speaking of baby stuff, I got in the mail the other day a Huggies brand disposable diaper, for the hell of it, I opened it up, got my 4 cup liquid measuring cup, filled it to the brim with tap water and poured it ALL into the disposable diaper. It held all 4 cups of water. How disgusting! Can you imagine a baby sitting in 4 cups of urine before someone notices the baby needs changing? Ick. That is why I love cloth, not only do they kick ass in general, cheaper, prettier, etc, you can TELL when they have wet n what not, so they get changed more often. Not to mention all the nasty chemicals you avoid using cloth. I honestly shudder to think how I had my child in disposables after he was born. (Yeah I know bunches of you use disposables and if you feel the need to bitch at me about this chunk of my rambling-ness, why do you feel the need to DEFEND a diaper? I am not bitching about actual PARENTING, just diapers so chill out cause not in the mood )

Umm let me think if there is anything else… oh since someone Imed me earlier asking this, yes I am currently looking for hostees, I fixed the form yet again heh, the form is over there—-> in the sidebar in the chunk of me saying what content is here at OSN.

Oh, I figured out if I go down a pant size every two months, I will be my goal size around next Feb-May, giving a few extra months in case 3 months or something goes by before going down a size heh.

One of these days I will have a plugging post of all my reads, that should be fun! I am also looking for affiliates, and if you have me linked, let me know because I will link you back.

I feel so out of touch with my hostees lately, partly my fault, I have not found the time to email anyone lately, I need to think of a project to get everyone active again, depresses me domain wise when I don’t see anyone really update, or how some are active others… I need to actively hunt down to see if they are alive. Blah. Too tired to give that more thought at the moment heh.

I need to do a new layout for OSN, and for Pagan, if anyone wants to buy this one off me, by all means do so haha.

Okay, I think that is it! I think I am going to attempt to snuggle next to chublet and get some sleep!

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Happy Mothers Day to you also Sarah!!! I will put up the sets you sent along with the one I am finishing so I can post at the Registry Of Design for all three of the sets:O) Oh and Elisabeth from Graphic Goo said that there is a graphic I can put on the sets that were in her top ten so I will do that also:O) Take care!!! {{{hugs}}}

Reply to Leslie

Happy Mom’s day right back to you Sarah!  Herbs sounds like yummy goodies! Enjoy your day and every day!

Reply to Barb

So wonderful to see you in such good spirits :)  Happy Mothers Day!  If you need anything, let me know :)

Reply to Crys

mmm i am down two sizes since mm january.. so about 2 months a size.. you estimated well! i would say about every 10-15lbs you lose a size! your doing great! keep it up!

Reply to Morgan

Sorry! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! was the second better than the first? haha

Reply to Morgan

Happy Mother’s day to you.!  I hope that you have a wonderful day.


thank you sarah! Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

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I have had my tongue pierced since I was 16. What is she wanting to know?

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