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As I sit here, listening to some music, chubs just finished nursing and fell asleep so Matt took him so they could go both sleep downstairs.

No one seems to be online, which makes for a lonely online experiance right now.

I have been browsing the web tonight, I see a lot of talented sites. Much better than my own heh.

I did another theme for Wisdom but ehhh, not sure if I like it at all. Seems like only 3 people out of over 20 want me to keep Wisdom, doesn’t exactly make me wanna keep it. Actually, I do want to keep it but perhaps it needs a fresh start. Who knows what I will do…

I had done a new layout for Pagan Voice and I don’t think I even got one comment on it from any of the bloggers. I need to remove a few who have not posted in quite awhile. Sometimes it is so hard to do projects when I have friends involved. It makes me feel bad to enforce rules or requirements.

I am going to delete Acquire tonight.

I need to put up a new picture for Imagination.

I just… need a lot of things don’t I?