Well munchkin is sleeping, I need to change his diaper yet AGAIN for the third time this hour…yeah, SO amusing he likes to give a “perky” diaper for ME but rarely for Matt, no, I am the lucky diaper changer hahahaha. I wonder when his umbilical cord will fall off?

I got an email from my dad the other day, he is sending a baby check! YAY! I will pay the phone bill and then splurge on baby stuff, like, diapers and A & D ointment. I also want to get Daniel some sort of cute Valentines Day outfit. Perhaps I will find something at Babies R Us online?

Hmmm, I honestly haven’t done too much lately, as for me, besides the fact I am now leakin hahahhaa, I am healing pretty darn well. I can walk, bend over, all of that good things, if I stand for a while I hurt some but its getting better. A bit of advice for all of those who get c-sections. If it is scheduled, eat only colon friendly food for like a week up to it. Otherwise, PAIN, not to mention other ickyness.

OHHHH I have a vent! I got a phone call last night from Matt’s well, Matt says he has nothing in common with these people anymore, so well whatever, anyways, his friend’s wife gets on the phone and tries to give ME breastfeeding “advice”!! I am sorry but HELLO when you FORMULA FEED your child what in the world makes you think I am going to take BREASTFEEDING advice? THE only time my son has not had my breastmilk directly from my breast, is after the c-section, I had literally so many drugs in my body, not to mention my bad shaking, Matt and I agreed to give Daniel a bottle of glucose water. I wasn’t there for it, since well I was in and out of it for that first day. Since then its just me. We own NO bottles, NO pacifers, I keep getting damn formula samples, which get mocked then thrown out. I enjoy mocking them. Our ped actually called me a “hard-core” breastfeeder in the hospital. *we are switching by the way because um she sucks* I mean, I think those who CAN’T breastfeed should use formula and by golly I am glad they have that to use. I just would never use that for my son, or future children. Okey enough of that.

Matt is already talking about MORE children! It’s like LET ME HEALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I am VERY paranoid that when we finally have sex again that I will end up pregnant right away as some sort of cosmic joke, it took almost 3 years to concieve Daniel, so the next one would be like asap. I just would freak being pregnant while having not even a one year old. It would just be super hard I think. Especially since I don’t believe in using medical birth control. I used the NFP before and it was perfect. Until the one month I didn’t pay a damn second to my cycle. Although Matt and I were never NOT trying but weren’t directly trying ethier.

We are getting married in a few weeks. I don’t know how to go about it, I mean I know we are doing justice of the peace, since I am NOT one of those “wedding” type people and neither is Matt… I just mean, I will be holding Daniel, so how does that like go about doing that, and considering I am NO WAY in shape healing wise, for sex, it will be a while before we “consumate”. Actually through out my pregnancy and post partum, Matt is wonderful about it, he told me today his whole, like, theory on it, is when we finally DO consumate our soon to be marriage, that it will make up for the well months n months of not doing it. Plus he figures I have pent up sexual energy and will make him my love slave once again. Ain’t he the little optimistic person!

Heh I don’t think I have ever said this much in an entry, and nothing this personal besides well my birth story which is obviously personal beyond a doubt.

Lament left me a message on ICQ. I haven’t talked to her in FOREVER. I hope we get to talking again!

Hmmm anything else to babble on about?? I want to make a v-day layout but not sure of what. I am surprised I have been online this long! Perhaps I will try something tonight, I still have a few weeks until the holiday anyway heh. Okey well I am going to drink milk, and browse all my fav sites and blogs!

Gimme LOVEEEEEEEEE *aren’t I the little ummm gimme love person* hehehehehe

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