I completed a layout tonight. Although I realize all my layouts the past few weeks seem to be the same style, I felt it went with my current “month’s” theme. Which *hint hint* is baby themed since I could birth at ANY TIME hehehehe.

I can’t WAIT for the new Dean Koontz book, it’s out on the 26th. It’s good having your twin sister be a manager at a bookstore.

I felt proud, earlier I figured out what all of the flash options on my digial camera mean. Go me, I rock! Any ideas for photos until the baby arrives?

I am still debating on the coth vs disposable diapers. I think we might try both and see which works better for us and the baby. I also wonder if there is a diaper service out here? Well that seems to be our only decision left to make. I mean there was NO doubt about my exclusively breastfeeding. Seriously how people can give their children fake nipples and nasty fake powdered breastmilk is beyond me. I don’t think those parents that do are not as good as breastfeeding parents in the slightest, but I just wonder how people can spend they MONEY on that when umm hello boobies are free! Some people might feel that well they may feed formula but “make up” for it in other ways. I have NOTHING against formula feeding. I just wonder WHY people do it if there is no medical reason. I don’t believe in that “my milk went sour, my milk dried up” etc because if people did their research they would know how false these are. Milk dries up when the baby isn’t actually feeding off of the breast enough. Limited demand means limited quanity. My best friend formula fed her first daughter, which was fine, there was no way she could have breastfed her then, she was smoking for one, with her brand new daughter she is doing both. I mean people should at the very least consider both sides of the “table” if you will. A lot of people make judgements on someone based on a few words or actions. I just think if someone “defends” formula they should first try to prove that 1.formula is not artifical breastmilk 2.breastmilk isn’t best. I just wish people would not think everything is so personal. I rarely direct my comments to a single person, age group, or anything to that effect. I don’t think what choice you make for feeding your child is more or less important than say their saftey, comfort, the fact they are loved etc. Okey enough ranting about this. I am sure I will get ummm comments on my views but well maybe I am just super pro breastfeeding heh.

Hmmm not much else to do online. I will probably go through all my favs and then go to bed.