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So yesterday I was reading through all of my old blog entries, some of course I never did import but I do have them backed up. Anyway, I noticed how much more… perky I used to be! I also wrote a ton more.

Last night I pretty much sobbed because I killed my dinner. I now forever hate rice. I think tonight I am going to just defrost the minestrone I made a few weeks ago and eat that. It was nummy. Hopefully unfrozen it retains the nummyness.

It’s so dreary outside right now. It snowed a bit, just a light dusting, and the sky is all white and grey.

Nothing to take a photo of. I need photo suggestions. I need a theme or something! I do update my photolog daily, sometimes more than once a day. I know. I am special.

I am very proud of my Gina for getting hired for the internship!

Well, no one seems to be prancing about so… yeah I am just a touch lonely today!

posted on February 22nd 2005 at 5:46PM CST

Aww… I hate it when I totally incinerate food.  It’s like it didn’t serve to burn, it just was supposed to be grinded up and be sucked of all its nutritional value. XD

NOTHING to take a photo of?  Take pictures of your sons favorite things so later on when he has a project or is curious he can look back on his favorite things!!  I would totally do that if my mom would tell me where the camera is…

Thanks so much for the hosting offer, but I kinda don’t fit in your guildlines.  I only turned 13 two months ago (nowhere close to being 16)  and I totally don’t have your layout making abilities quite yet. But THANK YOU! *hugs*

posted on February 24th 2005 at 10:40PM CST

If you truly cannot eat rice again then it’s called “the Garcia effect”. Where one bad experience with food hinders your ability to eat that food again without becoming sick….Yay, I learned something in school.

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