May 3rd 2002 / 2 minutes to read

I did my first review for OSN Reviews today, I am pleased with all of the positive feedback.
Right now Daniel is sleeping on Matt in the recliner, it sucks, we have all this money in the bank, but in reality we don’t. Part went to the deposit on the house we are renting and some to this apt’s rent for the month, so we only end up which just a little bit which goes straight to cable, phone, and electric bills.
I really want to make the house awesome, but I have NO clue how to decorate or where to buy neat house like things. Any suggestions?
Right now he is making me those Ore-Ida sour cream and chive french fries. He has those umm cinnamon sugar kind? He likes those heh.
I had this really weird dream, in it, there was this freak old lady ghost, anyways, I was in her house with Emeril, go figure, trying to make some sort of dish, but all we found in her cupboards was cumin and some other spice I can’t remember. We made something, fried chicken if I remember correctly, using yogurt. Heh, I wonder what all of that means?
Well, I suppose that is it for now, I am all dizzy, must drink more milk. Milk is the cure all!

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