January 22nd 2005 / 1 minute to read

Today I worked, not for long just a half day. It’s been snowing like crazy, like a foot of snow I believe.

I mostly spent the day with Gina working on Pagan at OSN. We are just so proud of that site right now!

My sister will be moving back with her boyfriend at the end of the month. It will be nice to have an excuse to get out of this apartment with Daniel! Not to mention that she has the ability to take him to fun places.

Hmmm. Oh yes new OSN hostee!! Welcome Malory!!

I need more knitting ideas. Sadly Knitty only comes out four times a year. I also need to knit Amber some wee baby items!

Ok going to watch more Aladdin!

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Aw, we never get that much snow in Virginia. It has been snowing a bit here, though, which is always nice.. Earlier this winter it was ungodly warm.. I thought it’d never snow.. Oh, I love the new design, by the way.

Reply to Amber

Pagan@OSN looks great! Nice job.

Love the photos.

Ehh, we always miss the snow, too far north.

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