September 15th 2004 / 1 minute to read

I still have a ton of Gmail invites left.

I haven’t had the energy or will to update lately. Too stressed out. So tired. I think I’ve been reflecting lately, in a general sense, how many horrid kids there are out there. I am talking the ones that obviously have awful parents. You can tell those kids aren’t loved. It’s sad really.

I doubt anyone has any idea what I am babbling about.

Anyways, I love my job! Everyone is just so nice and my boss is just so awesome and I learned today that she is pro-breastfeeding! Which makes me adore her even more lol.

I am going to try to get my father to take us to the library, soon because I am so tired I got to work 30 minutes earlier than normal today. I have 13 books that are due so I want to avoid any fines and maybe check out a dvd or something.

I did a new design for Lisa so check that out. Lovely person!

Umm what else… I guess that is it. Hard to think when I’m tired lol.

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Glad to hear you’re liking the new job

Reply to David

That’s great to hear about your job ^_^

Reply to Josephine

actually, I do know those kind of kids. I see them all the time in the neighborhood. Also, my oldest daughter being almost 13…I see some of her friends like that. It makes me sad

I hope things are getting better for you…HUGS

Reply to Lani

Ack, I have loads of Gmail invites too, but it seems like everybody already has hopped onto the Gmail Bandwagon.

Good to hear about your job, my job is going great too. People are very nice there. :D

Reply to Sazzy

What is so special about this whole gmail thing?  I’ve heard only a little about it.
And I also know what kids you are talking about. My boyfriend and I were driving around as all the highschool kids were getting out of school and this girl walked by and he said, “She needs a hug” and it’s so true, so many highschool kinds need hugs, they don’t want them literally, but they need them.  And the miserable little children that parents let loose through resturants and don’t pay attention and only yell when an enployee is forced to say something.  That annoys me too!

Reply to Terri

Maybe Im totally out of the loop (which is very likely here since Im not a mommy yet!) but are there a lot of women who are against breast feeding? Why? That just seems so bizarre to me.

Reply to Kestrel

random commentor here.. X3 ! Im glad to hear that you like your new job, thats good, nothing is worse than working somewhere you dont want to.

Reply to Karen

I understand too. I am high school teacher and I think that this generation of children have been brought up without any direction. Their parents have allowed them to go willy-nilly and we (society) has allowed these parents to ignore their responsiblities by blaming everyone else (TV, rap, movies) for their degenerate children. As you can see I can go on about this, but the bottom line is this, I understand!!!! I so understand.

Paitence is a virtue. To bad murder isn’t!!!! Just kidding!

Reply to Kristina

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