August 24th 2004 / 2 minutes to read

Like I emailed a commenter on the below entry:

It is the maturity level that bothers me because in my opinion a lot of the teen domains I visit tend to focus on swearing, stiring up drama on subjects they know NOTHING about, accusing every one of copying their color scheme or placing a speck of glitter in the same direction they do. (sigh… the glorious glitter…)

Also I don’t think a lot of their parents SEE their site, which in turns mean they don’t see little Susie is doing crank and is having orgies or the provocative photos she puts up in return for pedophiles to send her gifts from her amazon wishlist.

Heh, I am not even 23 yet but that just… bothers me. Not to say there are not mature teenagers in this day and age. I just think in the “teen domain” world they are far and few between that I’ve seen.

I didn’t do much today, just haven’t felt too good. I might try to clean tomorrow.

Oh, my twin sister has strep throat, she did get the medication for it (very costly since she is recently without health insurance) but is still in a huge amount of pain. I would love it if everyone could try and give some suggestions on how she can relieve the pain.

I am still waiting to be paid for a design I did for someone. I am freaking out about the phone bill and groceries. I’ve been rationing off what money I do have left.

I also have 9 Gmail invites at the moment…

Here is another template, if anyone wants let me know.

I think it’s cute lol.

And lastly, a picture of chubs. Who was trying to whoop me with his daddys flipflop.


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he’s so, cute! i always say that but, it’s true! i can tell he’s been in the sun! he looks great! and he’s getting so, big!

Reply to mary

Cute template!  And chubs, of course!
I’d definitely have to agree on the whole teen domain thing.  My mom and stepdad have seen my site and know it’s rather harmless.  I’d like to think that I fall in the mature teen category anyways, despite my tendency to say things like “Pauly Shore kicks ass!”, lol.
It is rather worrying, but hey, what can you do, right?

Reply to Melissa

My entire family knows about (and frequently visit) my domain, my grandma loves it. I see what you mean about the photos, though. I’ve seen several sites with fourteen year olds in bikinis bending over on cams, etc. I’ve had sites since I was probably twelve, and never felt the need to take photos like that. Then again, different people do different things, but for the most part I think teens that own domains are pretty responsible. Or atleast, from what I’ve seen.

Reply to Amber

When I have strep throat I tend to take lozenges. I bought a cheap box at CVS once and it numbs the area where you suck it, so you don’t feel much. I know the mouth and throat are two completely separate areas, but it takes away some of the pain for me.

I’m currently on some heavy duty pain medication (500mgs, which is a lot for me, I’m tiny) for my gum infection/earache, which works like a charm, but really kills my stomache. You really can’t win.

Chubs is so adorable! He’s definitely been seeing some sun lately, he has that glow.

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