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I just emailed Gina pictures of the magazines and crystals I am willing to sell. I really should go through my books again.

Matt took the wee chublet outside for a bit, my dad took chubs out earlier for a walk so Matt and I seized the time for a frisky session.

With Beltane just hours over, I am already focusing on Litha! 

Mother’s Day is in just a few days… I really want some herbs to grow, or clay, or watercolor paints. I wouldn’t mind some cards either.

I feel like an awful friend and hostess lately. I never IM or email anyone lately, or IM… I just feel like I have nothing to say. It is not personal, I just feel like my mind is muddled with stress right now.


Element Word Association

This week is an interesting bundle of questions! Word Association on the Four Elements of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water :)
Please list as little or as many words that come to mind when you think of each specific element :)

The Element of Air makes me think of : feather, marshmallows, wind, breath, light, quartz, clouds, fresh
The Element of Water makes me think of : silky, comforting, cleansing, nurturing
The Element of Fire makes me think of : hot, passion, gila monsters, cactus, mountains
The Element of Earth makes me think of : sturdy, strong, crumbly, time, moist

Well, I am going to enjoy the garlic cheese hamburgers and salad with a basil dressing I made!