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July 29th 2004 / 2 minutes to read

First off, I do try to keep Visionary – Photolog updated everyday, I really like the picture I put up earlier in the night.

Umm… I almost made it another 24 hours without sleep lol but I decided to pass out at 20 hours heh. At the very least I managed to go with Matt and chubs for a walk and go to the store. Tomorrow… fajitas… yeah baby.

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions for my migraine. They are so painful. I think part of the reason I get them more frequently is because of all the stress.

I am still really out of it right now heh. At the very least our water is finally back on! I’m not sure when it came back, the notice claimed 3pm it would be on… not so. It still wasn’t on when I fell asleep around 5pm.

I mailed out a few Lammas cards today, I have a couple more I need to sent out. If anyone wants to exchange cards for Lammas with me, just let me know!

Also, I am considering changing things, like the way I host. I think instead of setting everyone up in EE. I might just permit the use of hostees running WordPress and just kinda easy my stress that way, hostee wise.

If you are a current hostee, contact me ASAP, and I really mean the second you see this, to change your email address, IF you recieve a lot of spam or do not check your OSN email every few days. Either to a new pop3 or to a forwarder. I need to be contacted immediately about this.

I don’t know, I am just really wanting real mail lately. Oh and heh, I updated my Amazon Wishlist.

Edited to add
Visionary has a new layout and is updated with a new photo naturally lol

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I’ll exchange cards!  I finally found a card lol.  I have a hard time finding ones I like.

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