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Starting with Friday… after work my sister, her boyfriend, my son, and myself all went to Sam’s Club to get them some food, once we dropped off the food at their apartment my sister and I took her car and her boyfriends car to the do it yourself car wash. Then she handed me the key to her car, cell phone, and Daniel and I pranced off. Fast forward a few hours… I really wanted to see Transporter 2 so we all went to the midnight showing and OMG it was SO worth it. I want to see it again and again!!

Saturday was a busy day, Daniel and I returned the library books, went to the fancy park for two hours, and then we went to Lambs Farm where he brushed a goat, rode the train and carosel. Then we had IHOP for dinner.

Yesterday we went to Whole Foods, Walmart, and the park.

Today no idea, I don’t know what, if anything, is open today and I have to do a lot of cleaning. Daniel is actually still sleeping right now.

Oh and on Friday… that was domain goodness day! I invite you to all check out and comment and adore EtherealMood and VisionaryMuse!  I actually have another domain that will be for maybe projects or hosting… but I haven’t gotten that up yet and I want to work on a new design for OSN.

I will probably make the roast chicken I have in the fridge using the recipe in my favorite cookbook, Nigel Slater – Appetite. I just need to buy a lemon and figure out some sort of side dish.

Bleh I am so not awake right now.

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