April 8th 2004 / 1 minute to read

I managed to get a new layout up at PaganOSN, Post on the boards at PaganOSN, post on StarGazer, watch a movie with Matt and the wee chublet who are now asleep… which I should do but ehhh… :)

I am sorta surprised, I had over 300+ visitors yesterday and in over two days only what… 8 people commented on the last entry? It wasn’t for the comments at all… you would be shocked though… ah well those people who did comment shall be plugged :)

I guess I am going to bum around for a bit more before going to sleep!

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I know how you feel on that stuff. I get over 1200 visitors a day and somehow rake up over 6000 hits and I get like between 7 to 11 comments in a day…and about 4 to 20 tags….and maybe 5 guestbook entries that are not TSF or spams.

I think that it is a shame…and you have to wonder how many of them are actually layout thieves. I have taken my right click out and I just think…oh well… go and steal…lol

Anyway…“chublet”…lol. We use to call my younger sister Chubbles…. what a unique way to call the little one…lol :D

I just call my baby boy, little silly bear…lol

BTW….I love your soft and calming layout… very nice :)

Reply to Nile

8 comments is good it takes me a day or 3 or 4 to get dubble diget comments so i leave it a day or so or a week so i can feel special lol
Pagan@OSN new layout is awesome great job!!

Reply to Tessa

lol, people don’t usually comment cuz they’re all lazy asses. Like me =) But I know how disappointed you feel tho when you make an effort to get out there and ppl don’t bother to say something about it. So here u r, hope this helps ;)

Reply to Samantha

I’ve been visiting your site for ages. You may remember me, I used to own saenaru.net and love-buzz.org. I still visit, but haven’t commented :)

Reply to Sarah

oh wow! I’ve tried that before! It’s sad that the majority of the people just come by and visit people’s sites for some specifics they want to see or find. It’s a shame that they just walk in and walk out like that without even dropping a comment to tell that people have actually came by and at the same time, the person can feel happy that they could get an extra tag or person to visit their site and at the meantime you can let yourself know that actually SOMEONE has came by to post about your blog etcetc. Sometimes people just are too lazy these days to just type even a few words.. it’s a good practise of typing skills :)! hehhehe! I kind of find it quite funny, I mean, some people just want to WAIT for some people to comment on their site while they don’t comment on other people’s sites. I think that’s very LAME. But as you know, people who DO have the heart to comment has a benefit! And some people don’t care.. well, I tell you this! I care and I will back you up! :)!!!!! I love your layout , it’s REALLY nice esp. The layout you put up at: pagan@OSN :)! It’s very pretty, You have beautiful designing skills!

Reply to Vera

Ditto what everyone else said :P
Pretty new layout, as usual.  Love the Greek feel to it.

Reply to Melissa

Hey girlie, I’m gonna do some work on Pagan during my days off (tues,wed,thurs).  I was wondering if you still that that “Printable Version” script?  I wanted to put it on the CLG website.

Reply to Crys

Sarah, I can understand being confused as to why people who link you (and thus obviously like your site) would have not commented even once. 

But there are many reasons why a person who was at your site long enough to register a hit would not comment.

If someone is surfing a webring, or doing a search on google, and they come to your site, that doesn’t necessarily mean your site is what they were looking for, and they may not stay for more than a moment.  For example, someone recently came to my site through a google search for “Hamish born at home.”  They came to a picture of my son, Hamish, at home after having been born at the hospital.  Obviously this was not what they were looking for, so why would they stay to comment on my site?

Also, what if someone came to my site and just didn’t like it?  Not everyone is going to like my site.  Maybe they think I am too conservative, or they just don’t like the colors.  Do I want them to comment just to say so?  No, I think I can live with that person simply surfing on to a new site.

Sometimes I read an entry on a site and I just don’t have anything to say about it.  I wasn’t struck by it, either good or bad.  Should I just comment and say, “I read your site”?

I think 8 comments in a single day is doing pretty well.  I get maybe 4 or 5 comments in a week, personally.  You are obviously quite popular, and that’s wonderful!

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