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I had a blast talking to my Gina and Mari!

I watched The Incredibles and Closer tonight. Both amazing movies. Closer made me all sobby and shocked. Very much not what I expected!

I am utterly exhausted. I am not used to staying up so very late anymore.

posted on March 26th 2005 at 11:36AM CST

Only 1 more day until I can watch the Incredibles :D

posted on March 26th 2005 at 11:41AM CST

i heard the incredibles was a good movie! i’m glad you liked it.

posted on March 26th 2005 at 7:42PM CST

You were turning in as I was arriving at work :( Even allowing for time zones it was too dang early ! :-\

Incrdibles is a fun movie – still thing Muppet Christmas Carol takes some beating though :)

posted on March 28th 2005 at 12:24AM CST

omg i need to see closer!! jude law is SOOOOOO sexy!