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posted on December 22nd 2003 at 12:45PM CST

hey, gifts should never be expected or necessary… save your money I think anyone who cares about you will just want you to be happy, whatever that takes…

Pizza’s look so yummy!

posted on December 22nd 2003 at 12:56PM CST

I’m sorry about your brother breaking his collarbone sweetheart. =( Hopefully he gets better soon and money problems get sorted out. And those mexican style biscuits…got me hungry lol! They look really good!

posted on December 22nd 2003 at 2:36PM CST

heya! I’m sorry to hear about your brother hope he get better soon :) nice pizza’s! love your layout!

posted on December 22nd 2003 at 3:23PM CST

i’m sorry about your brother. i hope he gets better soon. those pizza’s look really good! now i want some melted cheese!

posted on December 22nd 2003 at 8:47PM CST

Soldiers do need to come home! I hope your brother recovers quickly. I really enjoyed your site. It’s beautiful.

posted on December 23rd 2003 at 12:13AM CST

Hey, send me some of those pizzas. lol. With all these great recipies you could make a killing out here.

Sorry to hear about your brother. Hopefully, he’ll have a quick recovery.</br>

posted on December 23rd 2003 at 10:12AM CST

wow, I do hope your brother is okay. That’s awful. I’ve never broken any bones other than my ankles and fingers.

I’m sorry work is so rigorous (can never spell that), but at least you get Christmas off so you have time to spend with your family :)

And I agree, the soldiers NEED to come home, especially since it’s nearing Christmas. It’s awful that they won’t be able to spend it with their family.

I do hope you have a merry christmas :)


posted on December 23rd 2003 at 11:36AM CST

Hope your bro gets better soon :( Sorry to hear that happened to him. lol mm those pizza’s look yummy! ^_^ I love this layout.. it’s simple yet unique! And the background is wintery :D keep it up! xx

posted on December 23rd 2003 at 3:17PM CST

I always make my own gifts. Just the personal touch. I hope you have a great Holiday season. :)