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July 14th 2009 / 1 minute to read


I’ve reworked the previous design, yet again. Thoughts? It’s a work in progress as I would like to vamp up certain areas. The comment link is now at the bottom of the entry as well as a new “tweet this” link if you want people to know what you’re currently reading. Updated the info/about page!

We finally purchased the baby’s infant car seat and bathtub last night (we have wee tiny sinks). Just need to get clothing and diapers at this point I believe. We still have no names or possible names. I really want a more “nature” sounding boy’s name this time around.

If I have enough mental energy, I am going to backup/format my laptop later. Maybe install Windows 7 (thanks to Jenn for her review on the new OS!). It appears to be raining, which would explain the sudden migraine I got last night.

I think I just want salad for dinner, any suggestions for toppings/dressings?

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I love shopping for baby clothes. Email me your mailing address and I’ll send you some. :) I bought a bunch for my coming-soon niece (due in Sept/Oct) but felt sad that I couldn’t buy any of the cute little boys’ clothes.

I have NO problem enabling you! I am so curious if this will stay a September baby or if I will go into October (my bday is Oct 17th). I hope he sticks with September lol.

I love buying baby clothes! It is a problem for me lol Everytime I go into a store that has them I have to look and most of the time buy something and Lucas already has all the clothes he needs… but they are so cute!

My favorite salad ever is baby spinach, dried cranberries, walnuts, and feta with raspberry vinaigrette or without dressing is good too.

It’s so much easier for me to buy clothing when the baby is BORN. When still pregnant, it’s much harder for me for some reason.

Oh wow that salad sounds so yummy!

I was the same way… like I didn’t know what sizes to buy cause I was afraid he would be huge or really small. Also you don’t really know what you are going to use like I bought a lot of gowns but I find that I like footie pajamas better cause they don’t ride up. And since you are cloth diapering you probably don’t want as many onsies (though if you buy them a size bigger I hear they still work) but t-shirts instead. Also we have a resale expo called the Growing Kids Sale that comes around every 6 months that I bought a lot from, maybe you have something like that up there that you can check out?


Just reading about baby shopping makes me excited. I love it when friends/families have babies so I can help with the baby shopping. lol I’m sure you’re enjoying it as well. This design is wonderful. I’m definitely a fan of the font. Is it Never Let Go? I love that font. Good luck finding a baby name. I can’t wait for the official Seven release so I can buy it.

Reply to Angel

How about Oliver or Sage as far as names? I’ve come to really like Sage but have a cousin by the name so that isn’t going to happen :P I also like Oliver and Olive for a girl, while daddy hates Oliver and Olive but is down with Olivia (which I don’t feel fond of).

The things we have for baby so far fit into one paper bag :x. I am going to make my sister shop with me, maybe I can buy more with her bad influence :P

(I would comment on the design but I can’t see much because I use a mobile device exclusively).

Reply to P.A.

-Sharon, size is an issue, Danny was born a week before his due date (c-section, footling breech) and was 8lbs, 3oz. So barring any secondary breech babies here, I expect this one to be closer to the 9lb range. Oh god I wish we had an expo like that!

-Angel, I am awful at baby shopping honestly, even with my first I had his father do most of it heh. My mother does send clothes every once in a while, but generally it’s for older babies when I need more newborn and 0-3mnth clothing.

We don’t even discuss baby names because all of his options are of his family members or friends heh. I want nature sounding rawr!

It is Never Let Go! Good eye! So far I am not noticing any big changes with Windows 7 on the laptop. Meh.

-P.A. I like Sage but it sounds more feminine. My father told me he may help me purchase the cloth diapers, we shall see if he follows through, that would be fantastic.

What mobile are you using? I’ve been looking into designing a mobile version of OSN.

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