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I have something to bitch about…peoples “uncomfortable-ness” with people who have online journals for “the world to see”. These journals/blogs can be viewed by anyone. If we had wanted to keep our lives quiet why start ANY kind of journal on or offline? If someone is not comfortable with say their first name perhaps being mentioned, well then maybe they should not read that journal…why do they feel we have to censor our words for fear of offending them? If we wanted to discuss what is on our minds directly in person we would do so….I think it is foolish for someone to get upset over basically nothing…I could understand if a FULL NAME and ADDRESS and even PHONE NUMBER were placed online but just their first name? Usually used in a friendly context is suddenly “private information that should NEVER be placed online” when the name is used in a “should I or shouldn’t I tell this person how I feel” context….I am sure this entry is vague…I just feel if someone has a problem with an online journal then they should stop reading them. People do NOT write for other people, we write for ourselves to release our feelings in a SAFE enviorment where we SHOULDN’T be bitched at simply because someone did not like what was written….okey thats it for now