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Matt is STILL not home so yes I will not talk to him yes I will ignore him. I dreamt that it was me, my mom, danny, and ali, driving back to tucson, and we had stopped at like a gas station and silvija was there it was just the weirdest dream. so I wake up notice matts STILL not here which pisses me OFF gods the LEAST he could do was CALL i mean for gods sakes we LIVE together he KNOWS the number! so i get up i come online and i get IMed a million times about “pami” like i GIVE A DAMN! huh I guess its “easter” i guess the only day i will be even more depressed will be the 19th. i DARE anyone to piss me off on the 19th. im so lost i don’t know what to do right now, i got 4 emails about not closing imagine its like but its too late i have NO clue why it was open tonight i SURE as hell have said over and over i was shutting it down to the hosting people. this weekend has been just so fucked up.

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