To Tess…I don’t mean to condone people, I understand some people should use bottles, formula, pacifiers, I don’t mean to come off all, hmmm, one track mind about it, I honestly can’t help it. My best friend formula feeds her babies, and I think she is a wonderful mother, I just don’t see why people go through the hassle of it all. I don’t see how formula or bottles even, are convient/easy, or are somehow better than breastmilk from the breast. I do understand some peoples views on how they “need a break” and want their partners to give a bottle every once in a while to have a much needed nap, but, hmm, I really can’t change the way I feel, everyone parents their child different, I guess breastfeeding is just one issue I am very adamant and “militant” about. I really hope I am not offending you *and other people* too much, I just don’t understand it.

That all probably sounds all garbled n what not, I am a bit out of it, I keep getting up at 5am, No clue WHY but I do, then I nap through out the day with Daniel, then I try to actually sleep at night with Daniel, tonight Matt works but he has tomorrow off so that is thrilling heh. Okey that is it for now!

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