Rick James of Superfreak fame has passed away :(

He died on Friday, from “natural causes”.. he was a very young 56.  This is just so sad.

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posted on August 6th 2004 at 3:17PM CDT

Really? He died? Well, I have to say he had a rough life, mostly brought on by himself. He was a drug-user, sex weirdo with many court dealings, etc. Hmmm…still kinda sad though.

posted on August 8th 2004 at 11:38PM CDT

rick jaaames? ‘i’m rick james, bitch’ haha. dave shappell (sp?) is who i always think of when i hear rick james. haha… that’s sad tho. :(

posted on October 15th 2004 at 2:00PM CDT

HE DIED?????WOW!! yea Jenna you are right that is exactly what i think of when i hear Rick James cuz……….I’M RICK JAMES BITCH!!!hahahaa Dave Shappell IS A GREAT PERSON!!!!


my home dawg

PS: Jenna, i wish i could meet u!

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