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It’s so grey and humid today. I have to do laundry and I really don’t want to. Tonight I’m going to see X-Men 3: The Last Stand, I am really excited because I loved the first two movies, I know this third one is by a different director but the plot and trailer look good.

I’ve been so stressed out lately, for example this morning, I kept freaking out looking at the time on my alarm clock, I literally stared at the clock CONVINCED the time was NOT moving forward so I actually got OUT of bed to go to my computer to verify that indeed, time was continuing. I will never be a morning person.

Work is very stressful today, no one is doing what they were supposed to do… actually they aren’t doing anything at all.

I added two new tutorials, one for a three column CSS design and another for expression engine private entries.

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posted on May 30th 2006 at 2:23PM CDT

You are not alone … I am not a morning person, because the time moves too fast and I am always late, whatever time I finally get up!

It’s a shame people aren’t doing anything that they are mean’t to be doing! Would kicking them be harsh?