WOOHOOO!!!!! Guess what we are getting!!!! ROADRUNNER HIGH SPEED ACCESS!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! They are coming, this weekend! What a way to make me perky before the c-section. I am excited!!! No need to have the dial up modem wake the baby, no time to waste, faster everything!! Oh this makes me happy!!!!!! All the money that has been going towards Ob stuff and what not will be going for this PLUS for the first month its only $20! I am just excited ehhehehehe.

Let’s see if there is anything else hmmmm I talked to Nicki for a heck of a long time today, it was just SO comforting and she was describing an EPI which is like a Spinal, which is what I am getting for the c-section, and just baby stuff, and just life stuff n what not.

Well, hmm, I think that is it for now! I am still so thrilled!! Maybe Jan will be a good month after all even if the birth is not quite what we expected (wanted) but so far the mass voting seems to say that I am “strong” heh so perky thoughts people!!

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