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This is really pretty. I love the texture.

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Thank you! I really debated on even showing this photo because I really didn’t like the grain from shooting at such a high ISO.

jerry deese

Great tones and color in this. Really nice soft feel to it.

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Yay thank you so much Jerry!


A perfect shot….lovely.

Reply to Andree

Thank you so much!


How beautiful – you are totally inspiring me to take a photog class – I can’t seem to capture things like I want to with my camera. :)

Reply to Cate

Aww thank you so much! What kind of camera do you have? Even point and shoot camera have SOME ability to control the aperture and shutter speed!


I have a Canon PowerShot S3 is.
I know it does a ton of stuff – I just have to figure out how to work it. :)
I’ll have to look at the instruction manual to see how I can control shutter speed and aperture.

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I'm a full-time mummy

I just love peach colored roses! Thanks for sharing this!

Reply to I'm a full-time mummy

Thank you!

Nina Amelia

Beautiful. I love how you did something new :)

Reply to Nina Amelia

Thank you! I splurged and got the Supernatural textures from Kaleidoscope on the advice of my friend Lynda. I am trying to break out of a rut lol.



Reply to Natalie

Thank you so much Natalie!!

Gorgeous! what a beautiful shot to brighten the day!

Thank you Jen!!


Gorgeous. I can haz copy of? :)

Reply to Keeshia

Thank you! I really should start doing prints… lol.


Have you considered including your camera/lens/settings info with your photography shots? I love learning more about how to take such amazing shots.

Um, and ALSO? That HHGTTG quote over in your sidebar makes me love you so much it’s almost obscene. XOXO

Well it is listed on the flickr page (if you click the photo) but that is a really good idea to have listed under the photo here at OSN as well!!

EHEHE It’s funny how NO ONE ever seems to notice that! It’s like we are in some elite club now!

Your photo captures the detailing on the rose .. and its such a beautiful colour too ! I use an Olympus Su1050 so I’m pretty sure my flash might have ruined this pic ! but its a lovely way to start the day !

Happy #WW ! found you via the WW page :) do drop by my blog if you have a spare moment

Thank you! I really worried about this shot because it was REALLY dark, I was shooting at a very high ISO and just ugh. Everything was against me LOL!

Gorgeous peachy color rose. Beautiful image.

Thank you so much Eileen!


a perfectly beautiful image!

Happy WW!

Reply to amandab

Aww thank you so much Amanda!

And Miles To Go...

gorgeous–such a pure color.

Reply to And Miles To Go...

Thank you! I really love the tone too, it just, surprisingly, came out really well!

That photo is awesome it is so clear

Happy WW!

Yay thank you!


Wow! Your site AND photography are gorgeously amazing. Happy WW!

Reply to Betherann

Aww you are too kind, thank you so much!


Great Shot! I think it looks better in the photo than it would in person!

Reply to Jenn

LOL I don’t know about that, I was SURROUNDED by hundreds of varieties of roses at the botanic gardens at the time!


I love this picture a lot. Its so simple and soft. It would make a great print, imo.

Reply to Panduh

Thank you! I am so awful at making prints, I just wouldn’t know where to put them in the house!


I print out a lot of mine and then hang them on these magnetic photo rope things. I hang up my favorites and just rotate them out.

Reply to Panduh

that’s an awesome shot! :) And the “grain” kinda gives it a… uh… *thinks* mosaic? look. like it’s made from other teeny tiny pictures. But I could be wrong. Ignore me… I LOVE IT!

Reply to Jenny

OHH that is such an interesting way of looking at it! Thank you!!


I’m a guy, but have to admit I looked at that for awhile. It’s a great image!

Reply to Bob

LOL thank you!!

Stunning! I want roses now. :)

Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

Oh same here! Hopefully next year I can get some roses and peonies planted.

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