I love RSS. I tend to comment and visit sites more that have an RSS feed (because I know they have updated via sage).

So why don’t you have a RSS feed on your site? If you want, I can help set it up for you!

ETA Read about RSS!

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posted on January 19th 2006 at 9:19PM CST

I don’t have an RSS feed because I know absolutely nothing about it, and haven’t bothered to find *out* anything about it. Heh. Maybe I should?

And in regards to your last entry – *hug*

posted on January 19th 2006 at 9:46PM CST

I have one…in my sidebar at the bottom. I also made it easy for folks to just click on my “bloglines” button too. LOL! I am a bit slow and trying to catch up. I do have your blog on my bloglines. *grin*

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