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Last night, my sister, her boyfriend, and Bill all went to Red Robin for dinner and then we went to the movies and saw Ultraviolet. I thought the movie was ok, but I wouldn’t make any effort to see it again.

It’s been snowing ALL day, I finally buckled the wee one up and we went to the store to get things for tonight’s dinner and when we came home I took a couple of photos.

This first photo was taken at a higher shutterspeed with flash.



I know… not all that good but still.

I posted tonight’s dinner and muffins over at Talking Snack.

kate x
posted on March 6th 2006 at 12:11PM CST

omg that snow looks gorgeous! Wow! i wish we had that where i live :( Basically no snow hardly ever! it is really cold here though x

posted on March 6th 2006 at 3:15PM CST

As usual, beautiful! I enjoy looking at your photography. :D