I did call off work. I am off wednesday so I am going to call off tuesday as well. I completely lost my voice tonight. I could merely whisper. It sucked and was so painful.

I am only up now because of my bladder lol.

My dad had just come home and I was feeling… I needed a hug so I tried to hug him and he threw him self out of my embrace and said he will not hug me because he doesn’t want to catch what I have. This coming from a man who has had a chronic cough for about a month now.

Whatever. It shows me how much my father loves me.

My sister was nice and washed some of Daniel’s clothes for me, for which I am grateful.

Ok, back to bed I feel another headache coming on. Sigh.

Edited to add:

I just took more excedrin migraine medicine.

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posted on November 10th 2003 at 1:50AM CDT

*gives you a hot water bottle* aww, I hope you feel better too! I am still sick too but not as bad as you, I just have the runny nose and sinus now.  Man I have never hugged my father I Dont think, we’re so not close!

posted on November 10th 2003 at 6:12AM CDT

Sarah, I hope you and Daniel feel better soon.  Twist is sick now so it seems to be working it’s way across the state line. I’ll send him to hug you. He’s the best damn hugger this side of the Mississippi!

posted on November 10th 2003 at 6:26AM CDT

ugh.  sorry this has hit you so hard.  crawl back into bed (as long as you can) and get better soon.


posted on November 10th 2003 at 12:06PM CDT

dont worry, i have a dad like that too, cept, he has a drinking problem. It helps that i dont live with him ; if your parejnt are divorced, and your mom isnt horrible, you might consider living with your mom. :)

posted on November 10th 2003 at 1:31PM CDT

Sheesh, I hope you feel better.

posted on November 10th 2003 at 3:02PM CDT

Oh, I do hope you feel better soon… I hate being sick. I hate migraines too (I used to have a lot of them). *gives you a hug* Rest up, m’kay? Take care…

posted on November 10th 2003 at 7:40PM CDT

*Megan sends a “get well balloon”*  Hope the sickness goes away and doesn’t come back!!  Take care – I’ll be thinking of you!

posted on November 11th 2003 at 1:21AM CDT

oh i fell sorry of what u had… =( anyway, i like this layout! the graphic too! it seems like u had a great filter on it! yeah, i agree w/ u that whatever happens, it is only our family whom we can rely best! till here! =)

posted on November 11th 2003 at 2:01AM CDT

:( I’m sorry you’re sick! I hope you feel well soon!
Lovely site, though, if that makes you better. Lol. ^_^

Angel Whispers
posted on November 11th 2003 at 11:24AM CDT

So sorry you’re not feeling well, Sarah.  I’m glad to hear you called off work.  You need to concentrate on getting better.  I hope you and Chubs get to feeling better soon!

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