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August 18th 2006 / 3 minutes to read

I haven’t been around *crickets chirp as I state the obvious*. I haven’t had anything to say. I still don’t really. Nothing interesting has been going on. Unless you count the migraine that lasted 24 hours… I was popping excedrin like candy, that sucked.

So a recap.

I am back on Weight Watchers. I stopped in February because I was unable to do much of anything due to crap from my son’s father. I would have rejoined in March but I assumed I would have to pay the start up fee again, I was mistaken.

I really want to experiment with “new to me” cuisines. I’ve been making a lime/ginger/garlic/red pepper flake beef somen noodle dish. So freakin good. I like to call it “asian cuisine inspired”. I also want to try indian cuisine but not sure where to start since I’ve never had any indian flavors and not sure if I would like curry or not.

My son woke up randomly in the night to say loudly and proudly, “LOLLIPOPS!”. Which, considering he really doesn’t like lollipops, is a bit… odd.

I deleted people from my myspace, no real reason, I just felt like what’s the point of “friending” people I didn’t really know for the most part.

I have a lot of online work to catch up on. I’ve been coding and such but this week, with the migraine, recovering from it (I’ve never had one that lasted so long), and all sorts of crap, I’ve fallen behind. It’s making me debate if I should even work tomorrow although I could use the money, I really need to catch up on everything for people.

I have been craving autumn. Pumpkins, apples, the leaves, the air (y’all know what I’m talking about). My mother and twin sister (she has stuff on ebay!) want all of us (my twin, me, her fiance, my son) all to visit my mother for a week but I don’t see how I could pull that off at all because I do not have vacation time, paid ANYTHING, and I have no money at the end of the week for extra’s, much less enough to cover a week long trip and pay my bills. Completely sucks though. I haven’t seen my mother since my son was not even two years old and he is almost five years old now.

I had to, yet again, make the scrap vultures leave. So freaking rude.

I’ve been feeling so disconnected from everyone lately. I don’t even know why. I guess it’s one of those things that I need to work on.

Ok, well time to deal with work drama (seriously, today… drama).

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Ohh, you definitely have to try Indian food!  It’s my favorite to cook AND eat, which is saying something, ‘cause I like both cooking and eating.  If you want some good recipes, I could scrounge up a few for you.

And I should do the same on MySpace, I end up saying yes to friend requests from people I don’t know, mainly because some will keep sending out requests and it’s easier just to agree.

Reply to Aenka

OMG you soooooooooooooooo have to have indian food it’s waaaaaaaay yummy.

I need to talk to you but my old phone Will broke and I never got your numbers transfered over.  I have a LOT to tell you!  Email me ok?

Reply to Amber

Hey, I know…it’s that crisp, semi-chilled autumn air you’re talking about. Fall has always been my favorite season. So much color to it.
I checked out the stuff on ebay, while it would look awfully nice on me… I’m gonna have to pass for now.

Reply to David
Wyther Wyskers

I always crave Autumn. I suppose that’s also because it happens to be my favourite season. *shrug*

Reply to Wyther Wyskers

You can try take-out from a local Indian restaurant before making any. Some of it is very spicy, so stick with the mild stuff first.

I understand you on deleting folks that are total strangers. I don’t understand why they even request to be added when they won’t even comment on your Myspace. It just seems so silly. People are supposed to get to know one another, not just add and add and add people.

Reply to Amber

curries are the best… i bet you didnt know this, but indian food used to be mostly vegitarian. It wasnt until the west invaded and mixed meat with everything that we got the stereotype today :P

with the vacation wouldnt it it be possible for everyone to come to you?

Reply to Simon

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