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I haven’t been doing so good this week. It’s been bitterly cold outside which isn’t helping since I like to spend a few hours outside each day. I have zero inspiration photography wise which again, isn’t helping my mood. My skin is breaking out which is making me crazy, (I normally have really clear skin, same as my twin sister, good genetics from our mom). I also dealt with my ex (my son’s deadbeat father) who IM’d me for 4 hours yesterday and called me a whore among other hateful crap, unsurprisingly. Then this morning I was out of my oatmeal so I ended up getting a McDonald’s breakfast and coffee which although tasty is making me feel sick because I haven’t really had junk food in a long time (love on the coffee though).

I think all of this has been making me subconsciously seclude myself from everyone. I just don’t know what to say to anyone anymore and I feel bad because it means I tend to lean on Heather for emotional support constantly, I don’t want to be the friend that just takes and takes and bitches constantly and I hate being so cranky ALL the time.

I plan on mailing out my holiday cards next week, I just need to buy stamps and for those who wanted prints… get the prints and large envelopes. I tend to get a bit giddy when I see my photos printed out I guess because I work with digital and you don’t get the tactile experience like you do with film.

Late tonight I have to go to O’Hare to pick up my sister and her fiance from their Florida vacation. Both my son and I are excited for souvenirs and I am excited for the tons of photos she shot for me.

Lastly, know of any photography projects? I would love to partake and I know Jess and I would like to start a little something up. Thoughts?

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posted on December 8th 2006 at 5:39PM CST

I’m really sorry you’ve had such a crappy week. My card is in the mail and hopefully will brighten your spirits.

As for photography projects the only one I’ve heard much about lately is the whole 365days thing, which I tried and I failed because of too much going on to remember to take a picture of myself. Oh well.

I really hope you feel better and am so excited to get an original Sarah print!