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I’ve been doing nothing lately but working, I like to believe that I haven’t completely sucked or screwed up so far. Today I had off so I manged to do laundry and clean the kitchen, then tonight my sister treated my son to a hair cut, took everyone out to dinner, and bought me groceries. Good times!

Do you believe that people should get a second chance? It seems like the past few years have been filled with crumbling friendships and sometimes I have a moment of… not weakness exactly, but more so wistfulness of how things used to be. I miss being a part of a larger group. I wish it was easier to forget, to forgive, to pretend that I don’t feel as strongly as I do. I suppose sometimes you just can’t “go home”. Anyway, I would love to hear any and all “second chance” stories!


posted on July 6th 2007 at 4:41AM CDT

second chances can be great growing times for you and the other person….as long as there’s true change. rarely happens.

posted on July 9th 2007 at 6:45PM CDT

I have been on the recieving end of a second chance and so far, I’m happier this time than I was the first time around.  I make mistakes, who doesn’t, we’re all human(well most of us) and that’s just part of who we are.  Tell you this much, if the second time around gets screwed up I know it will be noone’s fault but my own, and I’ll be devestated.

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