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Yesterday my sister, my son, and myself decided yesterday was the day to prance about. So prance we did!

First stop was the Golf Mill Mall to return some pants of my sisters. Sounds simple enough right? Turns out the Sears was open but the innerds of the mall was closed due to a fire in a shoe store right next to the Sears. Not to waste this shopping oppertunity we decided to shop for my son. I bought him a pair of jeans in 3T that turned out to be too small in length and waist (my son is tall for his age) and a button down shirt, white with dark blue swirls and dragons, he loves it! Eventually the mall opened up but the store was still closed so pranced to Bath and Body works… didn’t get anything. Then to KB Toy Store… didn’t get anything. Then I got accousted by a man who decided it would be fun to buff and oil my nail bed. So finally the store for her pants open, we bust in, return the pants, blah blah.

Then we went to Whole Foods.

Oh the glory of this Whole Foods! It was bigger than the one I would normally go to. I spent a large chunk of money on some meat, lots of various new fancy cheeses, and I spent a lot of money on heirloom tomatoes. For the cheeses ( I would really adore some suggestions on what to do with them ):

  • Pecorino-Romano
  • Mozzarella (fresh)
  • Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Sage Derby
  • Red Leicester Correction: Neals Yard Dairy Westcombe Cheddar
  • Goat Cheese
posted on August 10th 2005 at 2:54PM CDT

You think Red Leicester is a fancy cheese??  :shock: It’s the one from my home county!

Cheese (Red Leics) and Beetroot sandwhiches (wholemeal bread)  :-D
My cheese on toast recipe… did I send you that? Lightly toast soem granary bread, butter one side and cover with a layer of Red Leics, return to the grill until starting to melt. Add a dash of Worcestershire Sauce and return to the grill until the cheese is well melted.

Mozzarella – Cut an Aubergine (Egg-plant) into slices, brush with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or odinaryu olive oil – just so long as it’s Olive) and fry on a griddle until starting to go golden brown. Spread with Red Pesto and then add a slice of Maozzarella to each piece, then grill until the cheese starts to melt/turn golden at the edges (which ever happens first) – serve with a crisp green salad.

Parmigianno – put thin slices on top of a Tuna or Pea Risotto, or in a green salad.

posted on August 10th 2005 at 4:52PM CDT

re: Cheese On Toast recipe above, between the toast & the cheese there should be a layer of finely sliced pickled onions (aka Shallots that have been preserved in Malt Vinegar).

posted on August 10th 2005 at 6:52PM CDT

The Cheddar will have a slightly tarter flavour than the Red Leicester – and is certainly more of a ‘Fancy’ cheese.  :-D

Will still work in the sandwich & toast recipes though… 

btw – Recipes in the mail… :)

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