September 29th 2001 / 3 minutes to read

Have I ever mentioned how much I love dollar stores? Actually back in Tucson I never went, only to resale shops, but here in Ohio theres very few resale shops and they all SUCK!! So I have turned to dollar stores and I love them cause you can actually GET brand name products for yep thats right A DOLLAR!! We also got at Kmart today a Dirt Devil vacumn for $60 so woohoo clean stuff! I can’t remeber what else we got but everything else was from 2 dollar stores, this new FANCY Family Dollar near our apt and then Dollar General here in Hubbard, we bought a lot of cleaning supplies today cause I just have to have it cleaned MY way but we went by the apt and thankfully all is done the closet doors are back up and they repaired the tub *well best they could it had this freaky rust spot by the drain and they put that tub paint on it* all we need for it is new *what do u call them* handles? for the hot and cold water since they look too rusty for my tastes, we already bought a new showerhead…hmmm I still am lost on how to decorate it, we got those paint color cards from Kmart since for the babys room we want to do varying shades of blue like light blue at the top and going gradual to a dark blue at the bottom, same for our bedroom cept in purple, not TOOO sure about the living room or the dining room yet…I wonder if my sister would help paint *and GET paint heh* when she visits since I can only be allowed to do SO much in a VERY well ventilated area being preggers n all….I dunno that would be fun!! I figured, that I don’t need to decorate the bathroom SO much cept maybe something on the walls *not paint heh* or just do something to it since we realized we don’t want to spend so much money on shower curtain and accessories, so we got a blue curtain *came with rings!* from, yep you got it, the dollar store! I figure I would rather have our bedroom and the babys room, living and dining rooms all spruced up n fancied more so, I know what I want to do to the windows but I haven’t found the right fabric…basically I just want to have swag thingy going on…hmmmm trying to think what else….I think that’s it…bladder…being…pressed…on….okey well thats it, I will probably check out some crafty sites or something before passing out once again! *Side note- to the perky person who commented about the crest spin brush and their battery died, it takes just 2 AA batteries and the battery opening is at the bottom of the brush so I hope that helps!* *Side Note 2- it is so great Shadow Wolf from my palace days had commented so I emailed and so we have been emailing one another and shes a Ohio person too! So anyways woohoo that makes me perky to no end!*

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