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OSN is up for renewal in about two weeks, should I renew the domain name? Oh and don’t be all “whatever YOU want” because I am a libra that does not like making decisions!

posted on October 21st 2005 at 3:50PM CDT

so THAT’S why i take over a week to make a decision on something! not to mention i must ask every person i know for their input, which of course doesn’t help in my decision…

p.s. if you don’t renew osn, i shall proceed to kick your ass. osn is YOU…you are osn…any other domain is just..weird.

posted on October 21st 2005 at 6:18PM CDT

Oooh. I think you should keep it. If you like having it.

posted on October 22nd 2005 at 1:38AM CDT

oh no sarah and the desicion making? yes please, keep onestarrynight. and please, keep the name. i love you tons but, i know how you and desicions are. you tend to go around and around eachother for awhile.

posted on October 22nd 2005 at 4:46PM CDT

It’s just such a cute domain name but I know you’ve been kind of itching. So I say renew it, but move somewhere else and if that doesn’t fit – you still have OSN.