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April 15th 2007 / 1 minute to read

I think I am going to re-open Pagan@OSN….


Ok, I am slowly re-adding the BOS, added a question and answer area, any suggestions would be great.

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definately do that!!

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I’m not sure what it’s about or even what it was, but if you are even thinking about it, it’s probably worth at least trying for.  :)

That totally sounded like a lame fortune cookie!  But still!  ;)

Reply to Anna

I’m so glad that you decided to re-open (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  I feel that it’s something that everyone can grow from spiritually.  The only suggestions that I would make is to have the Q&A moderated by someone; I remember that the old Pagan@OSN’s Q&A had repeated questions, questions with too many errors for it to make much sense, questions that were answered in the BOS, etc.  I really am glad that you’ve decided to bring Pagan@OSN back to OSN.  I think that you’ll find it to be quite rewarding (not just with the added traffic to your website, either!)  I would offer to contribute something, but I’m not Pagan.  If anything, I’m a unconverted Kemetic reconstructionist.  I do love learning about Paganism though, and I always thought that your website had the best information regarding the religion and their various manifestations.  Email me if you think that there’s anything that I could do!

Reply to Melanie

yai!!! a new one, and great ;)

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I like the new version of Pagan@ONS very much- the altar photos too.
There is a Gallery for Altar Photos, it

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I would love it if you re-opened it as well…..



Those scrapbooks are lovely. I’m thinking of taking scrap booking up as a hobby.

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The picture’s look great!

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