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Rest, sweetie! Get well soon! xoxoxox

I’m fairly sure I’m not going to be of much use to anyone today, thankfully my sister is stopping by for a few hours in the late morning in case the boys need anything so I can rest!

the flavor blue

Hope you feel better soon!!!

Reply to the flavor blue

Thank you! I hope I do too heh


That SUCKS. I’m sorry. I hope you feel better soon. Yesterday I was coming down with something hardcore, but I made the husband let me sleep it off, and thankfully woke up feeling better. Today I seem to be in the clear, save for a scratchy throat. Rest, rest, vitamin C, more rest!

Reply to TheFeministBreeder

I’m dying. Not only being sick but dealt with a migraine on top of everything. Also, my fever (not super high but still) hasn’t broken so I feel like I’m menopausal with heat flashes and then freezing.

My sister is coming by in the morning to be here for the boys if they need anything so I can rest so I’m totally going to appreciate that.

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