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Poor Daniel, all of a sudden last night he came down with a sudden congestion and fever of 102.2, he is doing better now, still sleeping, Matt stayed up ALL night just to keep an eye on him and take his temp every hour. Poor chubs. I don’t know what caused it. Matt is thinking heat sickness maybe? Since chubs was outside and very active all day long with us.

posted on June 15th 2004 at 10:48PM CDT

Awe poor boy, nothing worse than being sick in summer.

All you can do about heat sickness is give lots of water now and especially when he’s outside with you, and offer some shade on occasion where he can sit quietly and replenish.  Heat sickness doesn’t usually cause congestion. That could be allergies but allergies don’t usually cause fever so who knows there could be a couple of things going on.  Also beware of pertussis, it’s making a huge comeback and moving south from our parts here so if Daniel starts with a pretty constant cough with bouts of coughing so bad that he whooops and can’t catch his breath get him in ASAP!  Not to worry just something to be very aware of!  Hugs and I hope he’s feeling better soon!

posted on June 16th 2004 at 1:09AM CDT

Aww I’m sorry, I hope he feels better soon. If I had been your next door neighbor, I would have brought chicken soup.

posted on June 16th 2004 at 9:07PM CDT

I know how it is with the heat, and all you can do with that is pretty much what Barb said. Keep hydrated and take breaks in the shade every now and then. I’m glad he’s feeling better and that he got sleep.

Keep us updated? *hugs to you and Chubs*

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