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Sickness Sucks

I’m sick and Danny is sick and I am miserable and he is perky this sucks. I’m at work with a bag of cough drops and a cup of tea from the single tea bag I found. Ugh. Woe is me. Only…. 8 hours to go.

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posted on April 28th 2006 at 10:42AM CDT

Awwe, you really sound like you feel awful. I hate being sick it wears you out so much. No more tea! Tea is the best for you when your sick! lol, it always makes me feel better. Try to cheer up =)

posted on April 29th 2006 at 6:03PM CDT

Aww!! Feel better!

posted on April 29th 2006 at 9:07PM CDT

Hope you get to feeling better! Both of you!

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