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I give up when it comes to Matt. I am too stressed out.

I worked, it was tiring lol. Not very busy today actually.

My sister was very nice to me tonight, she made enchiladas and even made an extra one for me to have for my lunch later.

Chubs has been sleeping since ehhh 11pm and here it is almost 6:00a. I am gonna have like no sleep heh.

I am going to have a bunch of new fanlistings up (hoping!!) and I did more work on pick-me. I am going to help Crys with MT as well.

I am just babbling really. I am a bit ehh testy that a bunch of hostees never replied to my *rare* email I sent about two weeks ago or the post in Wisdom (hostees forum) so yeah hostlets please get in gear!

There is so much I want to say, so much I want to get out of my head and I do not know how.

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posted on August 20th 2003 at 6:35AM CDT

Sarah, forget the Matt thing, what will be will be.  I’ve got this little book of reflections that’s titled 365 Women’s reflections on Men.  I should send you one reflection a day! But remember, I’m jaded haha!

posted on August 20th 2003 at 1:33PM CDT

Ohh your layout is so pretty! Creative and has the atmosphere of a starry night… other than that, what would I say… a great site, but I can’t come up with a comment on your blog… :(

posted on August 20th 2003 at 2:22PM CDT

I get that problem a lot . . . having so many things to say and not the slightest idea how to go about saying them . . . I know it sucks, cause everything just kind of festers.

Sorry I haven’t commented in forever . . . been busy with a lot of college shit. I’ll try to improve.


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