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I have not been on my comp much, I am just in a huge state of confusion, one of you know what I am talking about heh. I am just… not sure how I feel about anything right now. I don’t mean to be cryptic.

On a happy note, I got a box from Leslie the other day of candles (for me) and clothes (for Daniel) which was the nicest thing anyone could have done!

So many people with new layouts! Amber, Jenn, Visions, I hope I have not spaced out on anyone!

Just… hard to have all of these emotions, that contradict each other, nothing seems to make sense to me anymore.

Angel Whispers
posted on April 16th 2003 at 2:33PM CDT

Sorry to hear you are confused and having a difficult time, Sarah.  I hope things get better soon.  You have come a long way already and you will get through this, too. 

Sending prayers and positive energies your way!

Take care… Lisa

posted on April 16th 2003 at 8:25PM CDT


Go ahead and space.  Often I find the aliens who speak to me in such a mind state make more sense than real people do, eh!  ;o)

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