I get so upset when my boss leaves me messages on the voicemail telling me how I didn’t talk to a customer about their appointment when it’s total BS! Just because a customer is screaming at you just like they screamed at me doesn’t mean we didn’t come to an agreement, it just means some people want to get their service for free. I have so many customers call and claim they talked to my boss and she tells me she has not ever heard of them, so when it happens to her the customer is evil, when it happens to me, it’s all my fault.

I get so fustrated sometimes because I get into a zone, like I took it upon myself to start entering the past 5-6 years worth of invoices. I am the one that got the highspeed connection in here, the new computer, networked the computers, etc.

And yet everything is still done by paper.

I am so fustrated.