February 9th 2004 / 2 minutes to read

Would you believe my phone company gave me a new bill? Because I still have a phone line, I still get charged more money. I can not pay this bill! I can only shell out 50% and thats if I skimp on food n what not. Anyone want to buy a layout? At least that I can put on a disk and email, or want to buy anything at all? So fustrating! I know I shouldn’t worry because in due time it will get paid, but it is hard because I am missing out on a lot of work online.

I am currently doing my taxes, so once I get that I am hoping to move. I know Matt has been looking for places for us to live. We will be having another visit soon or so he tells me. I don’t get it sometimes, why I am the girl he longs for, adores, etc. I guess because I am not a *pathetic weak must have a man in my life or perish and will be a man’s slave* type of woman. Or maybe it is simply because I kick ass, even though I am poor heh. Speaking of which, reviews are coming up at work soon, hopefully I will get a good sized raise.

I am making homemade pizza (yes including sauce and crust, I don’t skimp!) for dinner tonight, I wish I could share pictures but alas I can not on this computer.

I am too lazy to link right now but I miss Mary, Amber, Nicki, Matt, Crys, MJ, Jeanie, Keli, Every single one of my hostees, *tear* hopefully I will be able to talk to y’all soon, I am mailing out real mail to the people I have current addresses for!! If you aren’t sure if I have yours, email it to me please!!

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Awww, good luck with everything!
I sure hope you get that raise and are able to move soon :D

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~I am not a *pathetic weak must have a man in my life or perish and will be a man?s slave* type of woman.~ Wow! Well said!

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