Having no phone and no connection is not fun. I am using my father’s computer to write this out.

I am still fighting with the phone company. They didn’t notify me that they were disconnecting my line.

I have been working like mad crazy, being a mall employee has shown me that people are so freakin rude! No I ENJOY watching you toss clothes onto the floor! REALLY! Ugh makes me wonder if they are like that at their homes!

Matt is going to be here today… kinky good times I tell ya…

Those of you who have it, have my cell screen name, if you want it ask Mary or Amber and they will let me know so I can give permission lol.

I managed to refold all of Daniel’s clothing lol.

He recently had his second birthday. My father, sister, brother, and grandmother all ignored it. That upset me. Especially since those are the people who see my son daily or for some of the people, every 3 days or so.

My mother sent a check which as Amber knows, is like a first! Matt called 2 or 3 times and spoke to chublet and wished him a happy birthday and I know he got chubs a ton of gifts.

Well I am going to take my shower, I thank everyone for missing me lol and the support. Make sure to check out the Pagan@OSN Forums while you await my return!

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posted on January 14th 2004 at 12:02PM CDT

I’m so glad to hear from you, Sarah! I know, people suck, but that makes the people that love you that much more worth it. I’m glad you and Chubs’ll see Matt later so he can celebrate his birthday even more. Take care, dear, and don’t let them get to you. *hugs*

posted on January 14th 2004 at 12:57PM CDT

I love this layout. It’s really simple and cute.

posted on January 14th 2004 at 1:30PM CDT

Great to see you managed a few moments back.  Enjoy your time with Daddy and Chubs and the best birthday celebration with the people who matter most.  Good luck with the phone company too.

posted on January 14th 2004 at 3:00PM CDT

Hey! Hope everything works out with your phone company.  Lovely layout. :)

posted on January 15th 2004 at 11:33PM CDT

hope you get your phone/connection back soon. xD

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