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<scripts, design, whatever? I need the money asap before 3pm today, about $40. I am very pissed off about this actually.

Umm I didn’t say $40 for one thing, I was just hoping to get that in total. I suppose I should have been much more specific

I don’t know why I even try. Forget I said anything today it ends up pointless in the long run.

posted on November 19th 2003 at 1:52PM CST

$40 dollars…..thats a lot. I think you should try charging less money. *not trying to be rude* I hope you put a smile on soon!

posted on November 19th 2003 at 2:54PM CST

Hey, it’s Lauren (Pirate_) from Provance. This is an amazing layout, you’re so talented… what font is it you’re using? I don’t remember seeing it before, it matches very well. Great job :)

posted on November 19th 2003 at 7:34PM CST

*hugs* Take some time for you and just relax.