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101.4 is what we are at currently I just do not want to wake him up for Motrin.

I called my sisters work and called off for her as she is still very ill. Surprisingly my job called me, at first to see if I could come in earlier but I explained the situation the the lovely manager found someone who wanted the extra hours so I don’t have to come in today and tomorrow I already had off. So this is a very good thing so I can just hover over Daniel until he is better.

I have had very little sleep. Thank you everyone for your concern… this just realllllly sucks.

posted on November 7th 2003 at 12:12PM CST

Oh man, I hope he gets better soon.

posted on November 7th 2003 at 12:59PM CST

I hope you both feel better soon. If not, go to the doctor! *hugs* Warm wishes sent your way.

Angel Whispers
posted on November 7th 2003 at 1:08PM CST

Awwww, poor sweet, Chublet!  I hope you all feel better soon!  We have had many kids out with high fevers at school this week.  One girl I wanted to slap the mother… I know that sometimes it’s hard to make arrangements or whatever, but this poor sweetie had 104.6 temperature and waited over an hour and a half for her mom to pick her up!!!  She fell asleep sitting in a chair at the office leaning her head against the wall.  How sad is that?  :o(

Chubs is very lucky to have you for his mom!

posted on November 7th 2003 at 2:15PM CST

Damn what a fever.  Take care of that.  Very nice layout specially the blend of the leaves.

posted on November 7th 2003 at 2:32PM CST

Aww poor kid!  It’s awful being sick, I just can’t imagine how much worse it is for a child.

posted on November 7th 2003 at 2:38PM CST

aww i hope everything gets better.. being really sick is like the worest thing in the world.. and anytime you want to know how to make a coffee just ask!.. i can make every kind just about!

posted on November 7th 2003 at 4:15PM CST

Ouch, that’s a pretty high fever over there, I hope he gets better and your sister too!

posted on November 7th 2003 at 8:28PM CST

Sorry to hear about your sister. I hope she feels better. You have an awesome site by the way :)

posted on November 7th 2003 at 8:31PM CST

This site is SO beautiful! *jealousy* =D

posted on November 7th 2003 at 11:07PM CST

Wow.. Awesome site and you have a very kind manager there!;)

posted on November 8th 2003 at 12:21AM CST

I’m really sorry, still. You’d better take care of yourself as well.. No one wants you, your sister and Daniel being sick all at once. That won’t be good now. /hugs.