Please. Do not call me saying *sewer guy* said I didn’t call the guy who has to bore in the street. He never told me on Friday to call the guy. This morning he asked if someone had called him and I said I wasn’t sure. He never once said I needed to call or that I was supposed to call. He left a message and I guess we are waiting for bore guy to call back.

Don’t tell me “well no one DID call him Sarah” and make me feel like shit. He never told me. I am not going to assume to call the bore guy since maybe, just maybe since I have worked here that I’ve had to call him maybe 3 times total.

It’s the same with the JULIE marks. If no one tells me then I don’t know to call. I am not going to assume every single sewer call is going to end up to be a digging job and call JULIE.

I am just so tired of people getting pissed at me for not doing something when I wasn’t told to do it! I am tired of my bosses bitching about how dirty the office is all of the time. You hire two cleaning ladies who do a crappy job. They even clean your own home. It is not my responsibilty to mop and scour the floor of mud every day. By all means if you pay me an extra $200 a week I will do it no problem. Not to mention the bosses are rarely in the office.

I am tired of dealing with customers like just now, who call who say they are furious because the plumber *evil!Mark* came in with dirty boots on their light colored carpet.

Omgosh she just called back again about how hard it is to clean her carpet and we should have plastic “booties” and how we should make all of our plumbers clean their boots or bring a new pair of boots to each job. How she is so upset over her carpet.

Uh. If you have light carpet and know that a plumber or sewer person is going inside your house… put down a towel or something. Don’t keep calling back and wasting my time bitching about your light carpeting. I don’t care. I really do not care. Get hardwood floors then.

Oh did I mention that my father told me to find my own ride home from work? Again? Did I mention how I have no way of getting home?

Oh wait now the husband calls “we have decided to go with a different plumber…” for crying out loud it was like replacing a valve of some sort. I DO NOT CARE!!

I am so tense and upset.

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