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Album Art for Lay Your Hands

Simon Webbe

Lay Your Hands

Album Art for Linger

The Cranberries


Album Art for Sorry

Justin Guarini


Today my husband, son and I were out collecting Autumn seed pods, conkers (a type of large seed, aka horse chestnuts… not sure if they have them in the US) and fallen leaves. I love everything about Autumn, the leaves, the colours, the crisp weather, even that damp earthy smell of decaying plant matter.

Beautiful photographs as usual, the second one is my favourite. I have trouble with over-exposing/over saturating reds when I take photos in the autumn, but you’ve got them perfectly.

Thank you! It’s so hard to expose for reds. I always just hope I luck out LOL.

I am SO SO excited about the leaves changing this year, picking apples and pumpkins, all the rich colors. I’ve already changed my bedding to a dark purple lol.


Lovely photos.

Reply to Kimberly

Thank you so much Kimberly!!


I am of the same mind as Satakieli. I love all things Autumn and your second photo is just wonderful. Things like this make me excited for the new season coming on!

Reply to Audrey

Aww thank you! Autumn is for sure my favorite season!


i really love autumn, but we’ve still got weather in the mid-90’s here!

Reply to liz

OHH wow that sucks!! I remember that’s how it was when I lived in Arizona. We never had Autumn really lol.


Wow — those are so nice! I love the ones with the apples. The last one is simple but really pleasing to the eye. And it kinda makes me want an apple. :-D

Reply to Cheryl

Thank you! I love having a variety of apples, they are all so pretty!


Autumn is one of my favorite seasons… I love the smell, the colors, and the cool days!

Reply to Danielle

Oh same here! The season just makes me FEEL better!


Beautiful photo’s love the colours..we’re just moving into Autumn although today is just like a summers day, blue skies, sunshine and great temperature..I must get out with the camera & soon!

Reply to Bev

Thank you so much! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 90 degrees, then back to higher 60’s. Just insane weather!

Awesome pictures – great macros!

Thank you!

It is the fun time of year for photography. The colors always amaze me.

I couldn’t agree more! It always seems more vibrant to me than Spring or Summer.


Beautiful photos. They definitely get me in the mood for Fall. :-)

Reply to OneDay

Yay thank you!


Autumn is my favorite season. I could look at Autumn photos all day. Thanks for making such a happy moment for me.

Reply to Melodie

i really love the first photo!!! ♥

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