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The new site design is BEAUTIFUL! It makes me want a pumpkin spice latte immediately. And wonderful pics, as usual.

THANK YOU!!! Mmm PSL. Maybe I will send the man out to get me one tonight lol.


I love, love, LOVE when leaves turn red! i wish all trees and such turned that color.

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OH I know! I love all the colors but the oranges and reds are my favorites!


Oh wow — these are GORGEOUS! The colors are beautiful, especially the second one — it’s so striking. I don’t know how you got that translucent look on some of the leaves but it’s just amazing.

I love the fall leaves but I’m too far south and we just don’t get that same effect here.

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THANK YOU! It’s all about seeing how the light hits the leaves really to get that translucent look.

Oh back when I lived in Arizona, we never had Autumn lol. So even though I have to deal with humidity and snow here, it’s worth it for Spring & Autumn!


Love the photo’s you have here! It sure feels like autumn just by looking at it!

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It’s very beautiful, look at those red leaves, they represent the peace and calm on that place.

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