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July 8th 2002 / 5 minutes to read

Well, lately no one seems to be reading so I figure write a really long entry about everything and make it restricted.

I have gotten 4 new hostees the last week or so. Considering even now most of them are not participating on Wisdom yet the hostees blog has picked up. I plan on emailing them all about the fact that I require frequency on Wisdom.

I made sabbat crescent cakes and applesauce loaf today. Matt loves them both. I was worried, always worried, that he would think I was insane for making something that would be an offering to the Goddess and God. Can’t wait for his look when I finally have a chance to create my altar in the 3rd room. I am waiting until I get some nice fabric for my altar cloth.

Wednesday we go to visit my family.
I wonder how many comments I will get on nursing chubs who will be 6 months old on the 9th. We are going to try solids around 7 months or so. Maybe at 8 months not sure yet. I am paranoid about people touching him, I wonder if I should bring like wetwipes so I know people at the family reunion have clean hands before poking him?

OneStarryNight just does not seem to be doing well in general. I rarely get comments or any sign of visitors. My newest hostee told me she was shocked I never got a fansign. I assume fansigns are a good thing.

We are so broke, Ali promised to send money which was to help cover rent and for us to come up, now she says she will just have us put it in the bank when we are in Illinois. It’s like well then how are we to come up?

I am even more lonely these days. From the standpoint of being a mother with no other mother who shares my parenting views. I am pro-breastfeeding anti-anything artificial, no bottles no pacifiers etc. A friend of mine who got preggers during my 3rd trimester or so. She was even more gung-ho than I was. Cloth diapers, no circ if it was a boy (it’s a girl), natural childbirth, etc. Well she had her baby, when she talked to me she could not stop raving about the epidural, she showed me pictures and the day old baby had a pacifier in her mouth, and then she commented how the second time she tried breastfeeding, her daughter did not latch on well. When I asked about the cloth diapers which Matt and I still want to do if we had a washer/dryer, she told me how she was not using cloth and how much easier disposable were. It just makes me feel bad because I thought well at least I will have ONE person who will understand ONE person that won’t get all pissy with me.

Anyways, Matt just got off the phone with the bank. We are hoping everything works out with the rent being paid heh.

Well that is it for now. If I think of anything else I will update and slap *Update* on the title so everyone knows. Remember, you took the time to email for access, you have the time to comment.

In reply to current comments

To Mary:
Ali and Jess have ALL sorts of things planned! She got me a HAND PAINTED LENNON CLOTH!! Yeah, you know my reaction heheh. I also can not wait to finally meet you! By the way I can’t remember if I set you the pics of chub in the recliner? E-mail me if you didn’t get them.

To Morgan:
We are waiting until he WANTS to eat instead of giving him solids just because it is the norm. We know physically he is ready because we waited until he got teeth, he has 2 now, which means his stomach is producing the proper digestive acids now. We plan on starting him on perhaps organic bananas or sweet potatoes. He will only have organic and we plan on doing our own baby food, just seems better than way. We know what is going in him instead of the jars which seem to have additives.  Breastfed babies do not need any extra juice, water, etc. Breastmilk is the perfect combo of water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc. When he is over a year old and can hold and use a sippy cup, then he will get watered down organic juices. Hehe I told Matt today I will express some of my milk then and freeze it and combine it with some fruit for a breastmilk smoothie for the baby since all I seem to do these days is make Matt fruit smoothies. As for a ped, well, the simple answer is, we do not have one. We used to have one but she kept pushing us to use formula, made the comment that I was a “hard-core” breastfeeder, and oh yeah, that I was the whitest person she has ever known. Not what I wanted to hear. She did not treat chubs jaundice until it was almost in the danger zone which then caused many trips to the hospital for blood tests, a bili blanket, etc. We have gone to other peds but none will take state insurance.

Ahhh I went off on a tangent there!!
On the plus side of OSN things, Wisdom is BOOMING tonight!!! Where are all these people coming from!?

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